Moon Palace Jamaica Grande — what’s on the lower level?

Heading to the lower level

Taking the elevator to the lower level, you are faced with more dining choices. Here you’ll find the Buccaneers Reef grand buffet, decorated with beautiful hanging “basket” style light fixtures and a food line that never ends. Food was always fresh, warm and inviting. Timid or daring, you’ll find food to suit.

I was dying to try the Ackee and Salt Fish, a native favorite for breakfast. After that, it was a job to temper my desire to try a little of everything. There was so much there, from custom made eggs, to waffles (a favorite of mine), to homemade breads, to meats, pastas, pizza, health food like yogurt and tofu, to a wide selection of fruits and nuts. There was always a carving station for the carnivores and a dessert station for those with a sweet tooth. A selection of fresh juices just topped off the offering for me.

Buffet line at Jamaica Grande

Additional dining opportunities exist at Pier 8 (outside dining for seafood), Gondola (Italian), Loud Bar (upbeat nightly lounge….that’s LOUD), outdoor snack bar near the pools, and Sundeck Terrace and Bar — doubling as a pizza shack in the daytime and as a waterfront, outdoor steak house at night.

The Sundeck sports a clever, backlit menu for nighttime which makes it easy to read, even under a star and moonlit sky.


On the lower level, you’ll also find the concert hall and the ballrooms, some under North Tower and some under South Tower. If you are attending a meeting or a wedding, chances are they will be here.

IF you are attending an outside wedding, one of two gazebos will probably be your destination.

Moon-Palace-Jamaica-Grande-wedding gazebo

The fitness center is large and well equipped for those who haven’t given up their healthy habits. Water and towels are provided.

Or if you gave up exercising for the duration of your holiday, you always grab a lounge chair right outside the fitness center and just THINK about exercising. That sort of counts doesn’t it?

Nearby is the Playroom for little kids, and Wired, a hot spot for teens to hang out. The Awe Spa is in the same area, as is the large stage where you’ll find an assortment of daily fun events. (Make sure you see our separate spa article here.)

The entry to Awe Spa at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande

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