Concluding our tour of Moon Palace Jamaica Grande

Concluding our tour

Get down to the pool at lunchtime to catch some great jerk chicken and corn on the cob.

Well, that concludes our “walking” tour of the property. In a nutshell, is the property suitable for seniors? Yes, with some caveats. Most of the property is handicapped accessible, but like any outdoor area, you’ll find areas like the beach which can be tricky. There are also many steps going from one area to another, but in most cases, if you look, you can find ramps or elevators nearby.

For relaxation, for good dining and for helpfulness from staff — it rates a big YES. So, c’mon down and enjoy.

What you can’t “see” however, is the “spirit” of the property. But, trust me, it lives in each of the people we met throughout the property. From the valets to the registration desk, from the pool cleaners to the pool entertainers, from our bellman to the vacation planners, and from the housekeepers to the food service staff — everyone — was friendly and helpful. Not the “forced friendly” attitude shown by so many in the service industry, but, rather, genuine “we want to make you feel at home” friendly.

I could give a dozen examples, but just one should get the point across. One of the waiters in the buffet offered to fetch a drink from the bar for my wife on our first night there. She ordered a Dark and Stormy, which requires ginger beer. The bar had ginger ale, but not ginger beer. Just not the same.

He came back from the bar and apologized. Understanding her disappointment, he immediately said, “There’s a store right outside the gates that sells great ginger beer. If you come back tomorrow, I’ll bring some for you.”

Sure enough, the next day, he met us with a small bag and had purchased three bottles of ginger beer — enough to last the rest of our vacation. Obviously, we gave him a nice tip, but there was never any mention of paying for the drinks. Service like that can’t be bought, but we saw it time and again. Many of the other guests mentioned similar experiences.

So, yes, seniors. Moon Palace Jamaica Grande is suitable and is calling you to come and enjoy. We’re quite confident you’ll enjoy, but, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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