What seniors want to know about Moon Palace Jamaica Grande

You enjoy luxury travel and you’re thinking of a tropical vacation at a Jamaica resort. While you’ve entertained the thought of an all-inclusive Caribbean resort, you’re not sure if it’s for you. Let’s explore what your all-inclusive vacation would be like if you were to travel to Moon Palace Jamaica Grande resort and spa in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Arriving in Jamaica

There are three major airports in Jamaica, but you want to fly into Montego Bay. The Jamaica Grande offers free shuttle service to and from this airport only. You could also arrive at Kingston, but that would entail an additional charge for transportation. You’ll receive a letter ahead of time, confirming the shuttle company that will meet you, so take that along and have it ready as you pass through customs.

It’s about an hour’s drive to the resort, so sit back and relax, you’re in the Caribbean Islands, you’re in paradise, your holiday has just started, and now’s the time to rest before you arrive at your top all-inclusive resort. Tip: if you want to see the ocean as you drive, sit on the left side of the bus.

Just before you enter the resort gates, you’ll drive through the city streets of Ocho Rios. You’ll notice a plethora of sidewalk shops and mini-malls with stores and food vendors galore. These are about a ten or fifteen-minute walk from Moon Palace, so you’ll be able to explore the town easily from the resort.

Arriving at Jamaica Grande

Pulling into this gated resort, your driver will deliver you to the porte-cochere where you’ll be met with a cool cloth to refresh yourself and a ginger/pineapple beverage that sets the tropical mood. Your bags will be tagged and after registering at the front desk, you’ll be outfitted with a wristband that stays on the entire time you are at the resort. It denotes the level of your reservation package; but only a very few areas are reserved exclusively for VIP Elite members. A bellman will then escort you to your room and bring your bags.

Jamaica Grande entry drive

Be prepared to be amazed at the size and length of the lobby area. It’s massive, it’s all marble and it’s gorgeous. Moon Palace just took on new meaning, as this is just what a palace interior should be like.


When we met our bellman, he gave us a little tour of the property on the way to the elevator. In just the first-floor lobby, you’ll find vacation planners to help arrange tours or special events, a gift shop, a business center with computers and a printer, an ATM, a full-service photo studio, a purser’s office to make change or convert currency and clever, computer-controlled elevators.

But, we aren’t done. To satisfy your hunger, you’ll also find Momo (for Asian cuisine), NOIR disco nightclub, Boulangerie Coffee shop with fabulous bakery treats, a martini/piano bar, and a food court with assorted international specialties. And there are more places to eat downstairs…you won’t be going hungry.

Momo Restaurant

Momo Restaurant

Martini piano bar

Martini piano bar

Boulangerie Coffee Shop

Boulangerie Coffee Shop

Boulangerie Coffee Shop

Making our way up to our floor, we touched our key card to the door lock and the door unlocked. No finding those pesky slots or swiping your card the wrong way.

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