Awe Spa at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande in Ocho Rios

If an all-inclusive resort is the King of resorts, then certainly a fabulous spa is the Queen of amenities. Taking up a full 38,000 square feet of space, the largest spa on the island, the Awe Spa at the Jamaica Grande promises calming, stress relief and relaxation to mind, body and spirit. What more would you expect in your vacation palace?

The entry to Awe Spa at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande

Awe Spa

Plan to arrive a full hour before your treatment so that you have time to avail yourself of the complimentary water ritual.

From the moment you enter the spa, the sounds of a waterfall immediately begin to slow your pace. You listen to nature’s sounds, you appreciate the beauty of a native purple orchid, and thoughts of the outside world fade away. You’re in your peaceful place for the next few hours. You’ve entered the Awe Spa Moon Palace.

Reception at Awe Spa at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande
Reception at the Awe Spa at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande all-inclusive resort

After registering at the reception station, a spa valet shows you to your personal locker and provides you with a luxurious robe and comfortable slippers. You’re given a locker and key and told to change into your swim suit.

Preparing your body for its eventual massage, this hour long, hydro therapy experience was the most interesting and in-depth I’d ever experienced. You’ll be warmed, cooled, warmed, frozen and warmed yet again as you move from sauna to shower to steam and then into the massive hydro therapy pool. The pool is the only co-ed area in the spa, unless you are experiencing a couple’s massage.

The hydro therapy pool at Awe Spa at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande

The large pool has back-to-back waterfall fountains that work the muscles in your back and shoulders while you stand in the pool. Then you are set to relax in the thermal lounge chairs, while still in the pool.

Thermal lounge chairs in the hydro therapy pool
The sauna at Awe Spa at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande

With a stay in the sauna, (pick your degree of heat depending on the platform you lounge on,) and an ice rub, followed by another thermal lounger, not in the water this time; you’re now ready for your massage.

The relaxation lounge at Awe Spa at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande

Your spa valet will lead you to the relaxation lounge to await your therapist; but this is so soothing, you might not want to leave.

From here, Sonya, my massage therapist met me and led me to the Moon Room, my home for the next 50-sublimely-relaxing minutes. I’d asked for a Holistic Massage. This is the closest thing to what many refer to a Swedish Massage. The warm bed and silky covers combined with soothing music tracks and the scent of lemongrass, lulling me into a most relaxed state.

A single massage room at Awe Spa at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande
A couples massage room

The Holistic Massage combines slow strokes and relaxing manipulation of back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs. Sonya could expertly sense tight muscles and applied just the right additional pressure in those areas.

I walked out refreshed and renewed, not thinking about anything other than retiring for the night — totally comfortable and contented.

Additional opportunities at the spa

One of the most difficult choices after you’ve decided to come to the spa is to decide which of the services you’d like to try today. I stress “today” because after coming once, you’ll want to come again.

If you are coming as a couple, you’ll want to look into the VIP Golden Spa Packages offered in a special double suite that has two massage tables, two pedicure chairs, two lounge chairs, a shower, a sauna and a Jacuzzi-for-two. You’ll want to spend the entire day here.

The VIP Couples spa package offers this fully equipped suite
The VIP Couples spa package offers this fully equipped suite
The VIP Couples spa package offers this fully equipped suite
The VIP Couples spa package includes a sauna and Jacuzzi

Other treatments that caught my eye, and are on my “next-time” bucket list are the 80-minute Aromatherpeutic and the 80-minute Sacred Hot Stone. In addition, there are numerous body wraps, facials as well as haircuts available. For a list of services consult this page. Be sure to use the “Read More” drop-down tabs to see all the services available.

For a virtual reality tour with your VR goggles or a 3D tour on your laptop/tablet, go here for the overview of the spa. To schedule a spa session, write vipvacationplanner@palaceresorts.com or stop in the Vacation Planning office at the resort. While the spa’s services are not part of the all-inclusive package, the planners can explain how certain resort credits can be used to offset the costs.

Another tip: don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your appointment. Certain time slots fill up and you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

The rest of the resort

If you missed our introductory article to Moon Palace Jamaica Grande, you can read it here.

Stop back next week as we delve even further into all the other amenities and activities that make Moon Palace Jamaica Grande so special.

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